As far as PUTOFF goes, my biggest problem is problem is the Overload and/or Fear of failure.  I tend to inproperly evaluate the amount of time something requires although the FMTV program has made me much better at this.  I tend to overestimate how much time it takes me to do things I don’t like.

My other problem within the PUTOFF acronym or part that Identify is Fear of failure. Sometimes if I’m not confident enough in my own skills I’ll put something off (which can make doing tasks I’m not confident with very difficult).

The FMTV program has made me better with both of these. The large amount of work has made me better at organizing my time and the training I’ve gotten from this program has made me a more confident person.

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The more I read these chapters, the more I think I’m both an elbie and an arbie in equal parts. I can be one of the worst procrastinators, ironically enough I procrastinated reading  and blogging about this article about procratination. Although I can at times procrastinate, sometimes I just muscle through work and I’ll accomplish a ton of work in a short span of time instead of putting it off and leaving myself plenty of time and making the most effective use of the time I’ve used.

The “Domino Effect” usually isn’t a problem of mine. If I feel like working or am in a working mood, I’ll accomplish what I need to do, if that means finding somebody or doing the required research I have no problems doing it. If I’m not in a “working mood” I’m not as effective in my work and the tasks I try to accomplish.

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Chapter 5

The more I read articles from this book the more I am convinced I’m neither an Elbie or an Arbie because I’ve got many traits of both.  I’m very much a Do-It-Now kind of person and I’ll be very organized with the way in which I do things sometimes. For Example I make shopping lists. Other times I’ll get distracted by changing from one activity to the next like when I clean, It takes me forever because I’ll do one thing than I’ll get lost in something else that will inveritably pop up. 

If it’s at all possible I’m more and more convinced I’m totally both but sometimes I’ll switch from one to the other. Some days I’ll be a total Elbie, very organized and linear thinking (although even in the way I do think like that I often get sidetracked in odd ways) other times when cleaning I’ll fix one thing that is relevant to my task than the next thing I’ll do is pick up an old magazine or horse racing forum and start reading it.

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Chapter 4

For me Scheduling the way I work would be a daunting task if not for Technology. I’ve got a notoriously bad memory (although strangely enough when it works it works very, very well). For me I often like motoring through a task rather than leaving it in steps however sometimes that is unavoidable. I use the digital calendar on my Iphone for absolutely everything and sadly I’d probably be lost without it (although thankfully it syncs to my computer).

For any sort of task that I need to do, I put it on my digital calendar on my phone. Then when I get to working on that task if It needs a follow-up I’ll add a follow-up reminder on my calendar. I also look at my digital calendar on a daily basis and flip through months ahead so I know to keep on top of tasks and events.

I like the idea of mind-mapping when I’m trying to be creative and I’ll likely implement it next time that I have to come up with story ideas.

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The Article “Focusing In On Your Visions” is all about how we value, prioritize and compartmentalize things in our lives in order to function.  Myself, I Value happiness, healthiness and creativity.  I’m usually the kind of person who watches the clock so I’m always aware of time. I have an odd compulsion for checking my watch or phone frequently for the time, not out of boredom just because I want to know what time it is.

I broke down my 168 hour week and estimated roughly how many hours I spent on activities that would support or deny my claims of how I value certain things.

Sleeping/Eating- 62

Watching TV/Movies and Playing Games – 20 hrs

In School/Doing work – 20 hrs

Grooming Hygiene- 12

Transportation – 10

Talking to friends for personal reasons- 10 hrs

On a Production- 9

Volunteering- 7 hrs

In School/In Class – 6

Dealing with Mail/Email- 5

Talking to people about business – 5 hrs

Exercise – 2


1) It wasn’t hard for me to remember how I spent my time

2) I did take time out just for myself, if I didn’t I’d be pulling my hair out

3) I don’t usually plan to do anything beyond goto class and do school work/production work. I just make time for things as they come up by switching things around as they need be.

4)See answer to three

5)I want to spend more time exercising/going to the gym and more time sleeping

6) Spend less time traveling would be nice but not realistic at the moment.

7) I’m happy with the way I spent my time. I accomplished things that I needed to this week and there was nothing that I needed to accomplish as it occurred that I needed to put off.

I spent many hrs towards things that make me happy (I.E. Watching Movies and Talking with friends) and things that allow me to be creative (I.E. School work/working on production) but not enough on the things that would make me healthier (I.E. Sleep and Exercise)


When I look at my life so far, I’m glad I took the time to stop and smell the roses and I regret that I didn’t spend more time exercising and working towards a healthier lifestyle.

The following is a list of the things I did and how I perceive them to be Urgent but not important, Important but not urgent, Urgent and Important or Not Important/Urgent



-In School/Doing work

-Grooming Hygiene

-Dealing with Mail/Email

-In School/ In Class



-Talking to people about business



-On Production


-Watching Movies




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Elbie and Arbie.. The On-going debate

I`ve always found the left brain and right brain (elbie and Arbie) topic fascinating. This might be due to the Benign Brain Tumor on the right side of my brain (Also a specific type of brain tumor which I`m one of the youngest ever in Canada to have). When I spoke with my neurologist about potentially removing it, he told me I would likely have memory “deficits” among other things. This Lead me to believe that my memory is largely controlled by the right side of my brain. Thinking about removing my brain tumor and the problems it would cause also made me think about the brain and how other certain aspects of one’s personality could be controlled by different parts of the brain.

Although the test in the class would indicate that I am very much centre balanced, I`m left handed (often a trait of right sided dominance), I consider myself quite creative (another trait common amongst people who are left handed or right brain dominant)  Also when experiencing my epileptic fits I can only feel it on the left side of my body to start off with.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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